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Who is the Confident School programme for?

Watch our short video below below to find out.

Searching for something different?

Confident Schools is a whole-school self-managed well-being programme designed to bring your staff closer together as a community.

It’s designed to remind everybody that you’re dealing with someone’s mother, husband, daughter etc.

In the strive to create a better school occasionally the human side of your community can get forgotten and this program aims to redress that balance.

By the end of it, you will all know each other better, you’ll recognise that you all bring different strengths to the table, you will have created a joint vision for your school and you’ll have a plan on using this vision and shared values to take the school forward into the future.

Benefits for the school


Creation of a whole-school vision, incoporating input from the whole staff.


Long-term harmony amongst staff from creating a project together.


A more energetic and cohesive workforce.


A blueprint for working on projects as a staff effectively, using each staff member’s individual strengths.

Benefits for the staff


An opportunity to influence whole-school policy.


A heightened sense of worth within your school community.


A chance to develop your role within the school.


Increased happiness in your job and yourself.

What’s involved?

Each session is designed to take half an hour in one of your staff meetings per month.

There are ten sessions throughout the year, each building on the last.

There is a short video (no more than 10 minutes) presenting the theme for the session and outlining the actions to take place.

The remaining twenty minutes will be an activity to complete with as many of your staff as possible.

You may want to consider including all of your school staff, rather than just teachers, to get the best benefit from these sessions.

Between each staff session, there will be a 1:1 coaching meeting (on Zoom) with the headteacher and or SLT to galvanise action points.

What’s the impact?

Undertaking this programme will not give you quantitative results: you will not be able to measure the impact in numbers.

However, you will feel the impact, you will find its reach in every aspect of your school and these will, in turn, mean that you have a staff who are more willing, who feel listened to and who feel empowered.

Ultimately, the staff will be more cohesive, more community-minded and more positive.

Benefits for the children


Happier, more content adults in the classroom.


A more cohesive journey through the school.


More quality time with adults.

Benefits for the leadership team


A better line of communication between staff and SLT.


A more cohesive staff, working towards common goals.


A better understanding of the strengths of individual team members.


A greater understanding of the needs and wishes of the staff.

What’s included?

Introductory video about the programme and Sue

10 videos: one for each topic

10 handouts: one for each session (to be printed)

Facilitator’s notes for each session

10 1:1 coaching meeting (on Zoom)

What People Are Saying?

“It was excellent. Having experienced a lot of well-being training sessions, this was by far the best.”

“The whole thing was very good – very positive.”

“It created a safe and open environment which I think allowed everyone to freely express their opinions. I felt the tasks were really useful.”

“The discussion flowed well, leading to a lot of honesty from people.”

What’s included?

Our favourite things

Staff share a short list of their favourite things.

Staff know more about each other as people, not just work colleagues.

Getting to know each other better and raising self-esteem through self-talk.

Things I wish my head knew

What do you want your headteacher to know about you?

An opportunity to share personal or professional information with the head.

Practise mindful breathing to help keep anxiety to a minimum.

Celebrate, change, discard?

Highlight aspects of the school that you would keep, alter or remove to improve well-being.

Have a say on what works well for you and what’s damaging it.

Practicing gratitude:looking for the good things in life to raise spirits.

A reasonable work/life balance

What would your loved ones say if you asked them how many hours you should dedicate to your work?

Debate and agree on what consistutes a reasonable work/life balance.

Understand that you can’t pour from an empty cup and that’s looking after yourself is essential.

A school work/life balance agreement

Work together to implement strategies that get you closer to a good work/life balance.

Create a working agreement between SLT and staff as to expectations of a work/life balance in your school.

Be mindful of how your own actions may impact others well-being.

Core values

Ascertain which values are truly valuable for the staff.


Establish core school values that are important to all staff.

Remember the power of a smile.

A whole-school vision

Create a whole-school vision.


Consider the discussions from the last session and agree a new whole-school vision.

Appreciate aloud: say thank you, notice others strengths and create an environment of high self-worth.

Our strengths

Use the Belbin team strengths to identify our skills.

Ascertain and celebrate personal strengths from the staff. A good team is made up of a variety of members.

Recognise your own uniqueness and the value of your own contribution.

What's next?

Plan a staff-led project to benefit everyone’s well-being.

A school-based project that incorporates the new school vision and uses staff strengths.

The world needs more peacemakers. You are exactly where you need to be.

Let's get going!

Implement the project, planning in INSET time for its completion if necessary


A whole school project is begun, bringing the whole team together.

Start where you are: we all bring strengths to the situation.  No regrets – move forward from where you are.

£1,200 + VAT

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