Welcome to your 30-minute well-being boost!

This free session is one of the ten guided sessions available in the full Confident Schools package.

If, after your staff meeting, you find that any of the following happen:

  • a new channel of communication is opened between you and your staff;
  • you’ve found something out that you didn’t know already;
  • your staff felt as though they had a voice;

this programme can help you maximise success in your school.

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Treating People Like Plants

Treating People Like Plants

I find this very useful when working with people, and not just because I like gardening. I also like a good analogy 🙂 All plants have basic requirements - sunlight for warmth and light, water and air.  This is a given and means that all plants will grow in these...

What on Earth is Well-being Anyway?

What on Earth is Well-being Anyway?

According to The Cambridge Dictionary, well-being is the ‘state of feeling healthy and happy.’ The WHO goes further, saying: “Well-being is a positive state experienced by individuals and societies. Similar to health, it is a resource for daily life and is determined...

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